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Oven roasted veggies

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Simply delicious. The tomatoes are what makes this dish amazing. They will release some of their fluid, which then blends with the olive oil and gently caramelizes the veggies beneath them. Plus they look stunning.

Coconut Lemongrass Ginger Curry

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I threw together this dish which has many different veggies and a light yet tangy curry flavor to enjoy all the goodness of anti-inflammatory ginger, prebiotic onions and fennel, and anti-cancer broccoli, among others. I don't mean to make any health claims here, it just feels extra good to eat this stuff these days and thought I'd share it with you.

Chai Banana Smoothie

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Drinking this smoothie brings them right back to me: memories of cozy Christmas times with family. Maybe that's my way to join you guys in cold and wintery Europe (and the rest of the northern hemisphere) in your holiday season. Of course, i'll especially miss my mum and sisters and their lovers and my little niece who will celebrate her first Christmas ever.

Settled in Thailand: gratitude

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From the most awesome office in the world: thanks for all the cheers. Not just for my birthday but all of them. We both deeply appreciate your likes and shoutouts. You support us, teach us and inspire us.

Lemon ginger juice

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Drool alert! Here's a quickie for everyone out there who owns a juicer: juice 10 lemons and 1-2 hand-sized pieces of ginger. Leave the lemon rind on (if it tastes bitter, find other lemons). The

Turmeric Coconut Cream

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This recipe is for Turmeric Coconut Cream, which has concentrated flavors and a large amount of turmeric. It serves as a basis for turmeric milk: warm one or two teaspoons with a cup of (rice/nut/coconut)

Vegan Spring Rolls

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I wish i had taken the time to make a photo that did more justice to the crispy, fresh, nutty, soft-yet-crunchy bite of these darlings. The truth is i didn't realy make these spring rolls myself; i just put

Raw fruity tomato soup

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If you think this soup looks pale, you're right. It did! However i'm sure it will give you a healthy blush, for it's packed with vitamins and fibers. One could say this is a gazpacho... yes,

Stuffed bell pepper

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In my local Turkish shop, i found dried aubergines (eggplant) and bell peppers. Wow! They're very tasty and they look so festive, don't you think? Also, they're very handy to stock up in your cupboard.

Don’t compare

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This cartoon really struck a chord with me. And now, every time i find myself comparing me to someone else (the someone else is usually better), i remind myself of it. We are all awesome.

Grill pan

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Some time ago, i bought a grill pan at the second hand store. It's not really a pan, because it's double-sided like a sandwich maker. It looked completely clean and unblemished and i, having just

Heartbreaking Poem

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Read this poem by David Levine. The dynamic he describes is as ordinary as it is heartbreaking. Ordinary Heartbreak She climbs easily on the box That seats her above the swivel chair At adult height,

How to open a coconut

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Dear people, let me present to you: the easiest way to open a coconut and get the juice out and flesh out. It's safe (no axes, no nails) and clean. 1. Pour out the coconut juice (water)

Zucchini spaghetti

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A week and a half ago i met superchef Michael in an ayahuasca workshop. I'm not sure whether it was his fantastic guitar music and drumming and singing, or his wild ginger hairdo, his wonderful