Growth pains and the art of helping people


Can I sit with someone and let them fully live their experience in the moment, without the need to change it? Sure, there are times to speak up, reach out and even take over. Wisdom, however, is to recognize what is asked for in the moment.

Simple medicine: chamomile


After journeying through tropical Costa Rica and Brazil for months, I thoroughly enjoyed the late Winter snow and early Spring sun rays in Holland during the last couple of weeks. The cold Dutch ground and

Caramelized Pineapple with Rosemary


This mouthwatering, super-simple, delicious dish is also secretly known as: piña puta madre. Now I am not going to translate that, but it’s a compliment.

I made it yesterday as a side dish for two Spanish

Tahini Olive Dip for Raw Veggies


This is a perfect dip to go with raw vegetables such as peppers, celery or carrots. Just delicious. Friend Alani shared the recipe with me back in 2013 already… wow. Thanks man!

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Grilled Zucchini with Rosemary and Garlic


Hi loves!

Being on the road, I like to work with whatever little means I have to still cook up something great. One of the secrets: OLIVE OIL. Olive oil is magic. It will turn any vegetable, pasta

Sweet & sour curry rice


This was one of those moments when all leftovers matched up to a perfect dish. Should work with a variety of veg and curry pastes, but be sure to add the pineapple (for sweetness) and

Spicy Salad with Wasabi, Onion and Black Pepper


Isn’t it amazing how the body seems to instinctively know what it needs?

This salad has lots of avocado, and also raw onion and wasabi peanuts. That’s not something I usually eat, but as it turns out wasabi and

Banana Cake with Cranberries and Sunflower Seeds


First time I blended together bananas and eggs was in Thailand, last year. It turned out to be an excellent, nutricious, cheap and easy combo, however I never posted a thing about it and kind of

Super Green Salad with Avocado, Sprouts and Nuts


I’m really happy to have a naturally healthy taste for food. Sometimes I’ll hear people say: “Wow, I could just die to have a hamburger right now!” That’s not me. Nothing about the juices of dead