Bye bye coffee, thanks for everything!


I have always loved my coffee (the smell of the ground beans, the brewing sounds, the heat coming from the cup…), but about three months ago I quit drinking coffee from one day to

You need a system (and so do I)


Fun disclosure: my loved ones will laugh when they read this. As with most of my blogs, I am growing up in public, sharing what works – and doesn’t work – for me, hoping it

Growth pains and the art of helping people


Can I sit with someone and let them fully live their experience in the moment, without the need to change it? Sure, there are times to speak up, reach out and even take over. Wisdom, however, is to recognize what is asked for in the moment.

Simple medicine: chamomile


After journeying through tropical Costa Rica and Brazil for months, I thoroughly enjoyed the late Winter snow and early Spring sun rays in Holland during the last couple of weeks. The cold Dutch ground and

Love hard. Pray hard. Kick ass.


“So if you are spiritual and your house is burning down, you yell “Fire!”. You don’t just say your mantra five times and trust the outcome to God. God needs to be able to trust

Donald Trump: a moment of truth


I wrote this post the day after Donald Trump was elected president, watching many outraged and panicy reactions unfold on social media. That day, I decided to remain silent.

Today I’d like to share how

Boom Festival 2016 (Summer in a VW campervan V)


After Santiago de Compostela, we headed further down south to Portugal. The center of our journey was the amazingly beautiful Boom Festival, every second year in the month of August near Lisbon.

We spent over a week on

Addiction, self love and trust


I wrote this post speaking from my own personal experiences with addiction and from those of others who have been open enough to share their stories with me.

If you are reading this, and you