Awesome Travel Budget Tracker: Trail Wallet


When I travel, I like to keep track of my budget. It gives me insight and peace of mind, plus I can share some helpful insights later on with fellow travelers who are asking for

Exploring new grounds: Costa Rica (I)


Digital nomading in Costa Rica

I landed in Costa Rica a few days ago, where I’ll be servicing my clients and creating new ways to make online income, as well as travel, see the country and

Boom Festival 2016 (Summer in a VW campervan V)


After Santiago de Compostela, we headed further down south to Portugal. The center of our journey was the amazingly beautiful Boom Festival, every second year in the month of August near Lisbon.

We spent over a week on

Emden, Northern Germany (Summer in a VW campervan I)


Moin! I’m in Emden, Ost-Friesland, Northern Germany and here, ‘Moin!’ is the way to say hi.


Life has been wild and deep and the blog has been silent for the last couple of months. A new love has

Settled in Thailand: gratitude


From the most awesome office in the world: thanks for all the cheers. Not just for my birthday but all of them. We both deeply appreciate your likes and shoutouts. You support us, teach us and inspire us.