Beauty and the invitation to let go


A few days ago I ran into a friend whom I hadn’t seen in over a year. I was delighted to see him, we hugged and exchanged some updates about our lives. I felt

Mushroom foraging


Connecting with nature
Have you ever foraged your own dinner? Have you gone into the fields or woods to collect plants or mushrooms for food? How did you like doing that? Let me tell you how

Making your soul smile


Mooji is a wise man. I love listening to his awakened teachings. They bring the mind to a natural rest and warm my heart.

The Art of Asking – Amanda Palmer


When i saw this Ted Talk a little over a year ago, i felt so happy and inspired. To me, it’s about following what you in your heart believe to be true and right, even

Where The Hell Is Matt?


One of my all-time favorites. When i first saw this video, a big happy smile came to my face. For it shows shameless ‘bad dancing’ (Matt’s own words) in places all over the world, crossing