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Let food be thy medicine

Simple, delicious, beautiful, nutritious.

Preparing and sharing food are two of the things I love most in the world. Using (mostly) plants, I create beautiful and delicious dishes that soothe both body and soul.

I facilitate buffets for participants in retreats. The food is designed to fit the special needs of people in sometimes demanding physical, mental and spiritual processes, in support of their journeys.

Herbal teas, oils and tinctures can be used to further support your body’s own healing ability and help ease the mind.

PS: I also do ‘normal’ vegan/vegetarian catering ;). Drop me a line to learn more!

Latest recipes

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Almost-raw quinoa salad with rhubarb

A deliciously fresh, tangy quinoa salad, light and filling.

We’re used to eating rhubarb sweetened, boiled even to soften it up. But this celery like pink stalk can also

Colorful stuffed eggs with hummus

A perfect surprise for a potluck: these colorful stuffed eggs. Ingredients: eggs and hummus. Easy-peasy!

These were made with store bought hummus by Maza: one with curry, one with beetroot.

Oven roasted veggies

Simply delicious. The tomatoes are what makes this dish amazing. They will release some of their fluid, which then blends with the olive oil and gently caramelizes the veggies beneath them. Plus they look stunning.

Simple medicine: chamomile

After journeying through tropical Costa Rica and Brazil for months, I thoroughly enjoyed the late Winter snow and early Spring sun rays in Holland during the last couple

Caramelized Pineapple with Rosemary

This mouthwatering, super-simple, delicious dish is also secretly known as: piña puta madre. Now I am not going to translate that, but it’s a compliment.

I made it yesterday

Tahini Olive Dip for Raw Veggies

This is a perfect dip to go with raw vegetables such as peppers, celery or carrots. Just delicious. Friend Alani shared the recipe with me back in 2013 already…

Sweet & sour curry rice

This was one of those moments when all leftovers matched up to a perfect dish. Should work with a variety of veg and curry pastes, but be sure

Coconut Lemongrass Ginger Curry

I threw together this dish which has many different veggies and a light yet tangy curry flavor to enjoy all the goodness of anti-inflammatory ginger, prebiotic onions and fennel, and anti-cancer broccoli, among others. I don't mean to make any health claims here, it just feels extra good to eat this stuff these days and thought I'd share it with you.

Fresh Apple, Lime & Mint Smoothie

Fruit is such a delight for both body and spirit. I have never eaten this much fruit in my life (have always been a big fan of veggies,

Chai Banana Smoothie

Drinking this smoothie brings them right back to me: memories of cozy Christmas times with family. Maybe that's my way to join you guys in cold and wintery Europe (and the rest of the northern hemisphere) in your holiday season. Of course, i'll especially miss my mum and sisters and their lovers and my little niece who will celebrate her first Christmas ever.

Fruit smoothie with coconut, mint & lime

Tropical? I know that for many of you it's cold and rainy right now. But there's a remedy! Try the combination of coconut and lime, close your eyes and you'll be in sunny paradise for a little while, i promise.

Roots, nuts & fruits with fennel

Don’t be depressed because the sky is grey, when there’s mushrooms and clouds and brightly colored leafs to enjoy. The wind, the rain, the waving of the grass

Carrot coconut cashew soup

Enjoy this one raw or cooked. The cashews and coconut cream (santen) make for a delicious creaminess. I’d advise to prepare the soup a few hours or up

Lemon ginger juice

Drool alert! Here’s a quickie for everyone out there who owns a juicer: juice 10 lemons and 1-2 hand-sized pieces of ginger. Leave the lemon rind on (if

Mushroom foraging

Connecting with nature
Have you ever foraged your own dinner? Have you gone into the fields or woods to collect plants or mushrooms for food? How did you like

Turmeric Coconut Cream

This recipe is for Turmeric Coconut Cream, which has concentrated flavors and a large amount of turmeric. It serves as a basis for turmeric milk: warm one or

Vegan Spring Rolls

I wish i had taken the time to make a photo that did more justice to the crispy, fresh, nutty, soft-yet-crunchy bite of these darlings.

The truth is i didn’t realy make these

Raw Avocado Lemon Pie

Last week i found myself dancing, swimming and chilling out in Portugal, at the bi-annual Boom Festival. It was like a fairy tale, a soothing and hope inspiring

Raw fruity tomato soup

If you think this soup looks pale, you’re right. It did! However i’m sure it will give you a healthy blush, for it’s packed with vitamins and fibers.

One could

Sweet & Spicy Carrot Beetroot Salad

Ahhh yes this one is a classic, fun to make and a big winner – probably because of its nice warm flavors.

I bought the ingredients already sliced in

Stuffed bell pepper

In my local Turkish shop, i found dried aubergines (eggplant) and bell peppers. Wow! They’re very tasty and they look so festive, don’t you think? Also, they’re very

Avocado and halloumi salad

As we all know, India is the holy land of curries (spiced everything dishes) and dhals (spiced lentil dishes). Little did i expect my first recipe after India

Heavenly chocolate

This chocolate just makes me want to shout THANK YOU to the whole universe.

Recipe for 6-12 portions of heavenly chocolate

6 if it’s just the chocolate. 12 if you’re

Carrot Curry Soup

This is a great soup, a big hit in my kitchen whenever i make it, be it for myself or for a ceremony or event. It’s vegan and

Heartwarming quinoa

A few days ago, i found a leftover of soup in my fridge. I wanted to finish it, but felt like eating something more substantial than soup. I

How to open a coconut

Dear people, let me present to you: the easiest way to open a coconut and get the juice out and flesh out. It’s safe (no axes, no nails) and

Gazpacho: Spanish cold tomato soup

You know that camping feeling? Living with little, in a tent or caravan, wearing flip flops to the toilet, wet grass tickling your toes… That’s me right now! Not

Zucchini spaghetti

A week and a half ago i met superchef Michael in an ayahuasca workshop. I’m not sure whether it was his fantastic guitar music and drumming and singing,

Grilled zucchini with mozzarella

Wonderful and healthy quick side dish. A great one if you own a contact grill.

Cut the zucchini in slices and sprinkle with some salt. Let the juices come