Roots, nuts & fruits with fennel

Don’t be depressed because the sky is grey, when there’s mushrooms and clouds and brightly colored leafs to enjoy. The wind, the rain, the waving of the grass in the fields, the stormy sky… and then the comfort of home with sweet and hearty tastes. Let’s love autumn.

A very autumny dish that celebrated the abundance of green grapes and root vegetables during these rainy days. The sweet and earthy taste is grounding and soothing for the body. After a summer outside, it’s time to turn inward again.

Or, you just like the amazing combination of celery and cashews, like me. For a nice snack or side dish, softly cook celery pieces in oil or butter, add the cashews and some fennel (or rosemary is also great!) and salt and pepper.

Recipe Roots, nuts & fruits with fennel

  • Cut turnip, potatoes and celery stalks. Keep separated.
  • Heat oil and fry the potatoes with salt.
  • After 10 minutes, add turnip, slices of celery stick and one teaspoon of fennel seeds per person.
  • After another 5 minutes, when the potatoes are starting to brown and the celery is softening, add onion rings and cashew nuts.
  • When the potatoes are browned, the celery is soft and the fennel is fragrant, add the grapes.
  • Add honey and pepper to taste. Very nice with some Chinese 5 spices powder, too.



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