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‘We do not need a pandemic to #movethedate’ (maar het helpt wel)

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"In 2020, the pandemic-induced lockdown measures around the world slowed human activity down. As a consequence, the date of Earth Overshoot Day – when humanity has used as much ecological resources as the planet’s natural [...]

Ja, jij wilt een pannenkoek. Tip voor liefdevol grenzen aangeven.

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Huilend: "Neeeeee! Ik wil een PANNENKOEK!" "Ja, jij wilt een pannenkoek." Zachter huilend: "Jaaaaaaa." "En je krijgt nu geen pannenkoek. We eten straks thuis stamppot. Wil je nu een boterham?" "Ja." Wait, what? Really? Ik [...]

The Work of Byron Katie: a beautiful example for changemakers

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In this enlightening and entertaining video, you'll see The Work by Byron Katie applied by a woman who holds strong grudges towards the meat industry. She quickly realises how her negative thoughts are preventing her [...]

Dec 8th in Maarn, NL: Workshop Breath & Bodywork: FULL BODY BREATH

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Deep breath- and bodywork workshop using the conscious connected breath, bodywork and intention setting as a powerful framework for personal transformation and spiritual realisation.

3 breath visualisations: ease your mind, open your heart, step into action

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Three breathful visualisations for you today: Ease your mind Open your heart Step into action You can choose to do them separately as you see fit or combine and include them in your morning routine [...]

Coconut Lemongrass Ginger Curry

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I threw together this dish which has many different veggies and a light yet tangy curry flavor to enjoy all the goodness of anti-inflammatory ginger, prebiotic onions and fennel, and anti-cancer broccoli, among others. I don't mean to make any health claims here, it just feels extra good to eat this stuff these days and thought I'd share it with you.

How to inspire people into action and start living the life of your dreams

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Are you an entrepreneur, or are you thinking of becoming one? Do you want to put your talents to work and make the world a shinier place? Does the PROMISE of your business make you feel [...]

Chai Banana Smoothie

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Drinking this smoothie brings them right back to me: memories of cozy Christmas times with family. Maybe that's my way to join you guys in cold and wintery Europe (and the rest of the northern hemisphere) in your holiday season. Of course, i'll especially miss my mum and sisters and their lovers and my little niece who will celebrate her first Christmas ever.

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