I write about many different things. It started out as an online recipe book for friends an family who appreciated my cooking, and evolved into an online journal with subjects I care deeply about. May you enjoy reading some of these articles, and please feel free to share them with others who may benefit.

Yoga & breathwork

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Art of living

Conscious activism

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. - Gandhi Conscious activism is enlightened activism. [...]

Growing pains and the art of helping people

Can I sit with someone and let them fully live their experience in the moment, without the need to change it? Sure, there are times to speak up, reach out and even take over. Wisdom, however, is to recognize what is asked for in the moment.

Simple medicine: chamomile

After journeying through tropical Costa Rica and Brazil for months, I thoroughly enjoyed the late Winter snow and early Spring [...]

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Onze voorstelvideo voor het tinyhouseproject

"Hebben jullie nog steeds interesse én voldoe je aan alle voorwaarden? Dan willen we voor 1 december een voorstelvideo van jullie hebben van maximaal 2 minuten!" Dat was zo'n beetje de afsluiter van de grote online bijeenkomst van CPO Calimero op 15 november 2020. Na nog een grondige overweging hebben [...]

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Diapers: cloth or disposable?

In short: we use both. We've had cloth diapers from the start but ended up hardly using them at first because (even in size S) they looked very large on our little girl. Although she didn't seem to mind, it just didn't look healthy to us to have her tilt [...]

Use your B.R.A.I.N.

This video actually comes from the hypnobirthing online course that we took but it is a life hack for everybody, not just parents-to-be :). In short, the lesson is: whenever you are presented with a difficult decision, use your BRAIN. That means asking the following questions: Benefits - what are [...]

Dunstan Baby Language: it works

According to Priscilla Dunstan and a group of researchers who back her personal findings, babies all over the world make a select group of sounds for certain situations such as discomfort, needing to burp and being hungry. Our conclusion after seeing it work with us and some other parents/babies: this [...]

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Travel & digital nomading

I wrote some of these posts many years ago, in another lifetime, when I was still together with my ex, Marco. The posts no longer reflect our current situation, although we are still very good friends. I want to keep the posts for good memories, for archive, and because they can still be helpful to readers.
I now have a beautiful family together with Jan and our lovely daughter Lua. You can read all about them higher up in my blog timeline ;).

Limiting money beliefs

A big motivator for being in Thailand, is money. I have some serious debts to deal with and living in and working from Thailand (waaaaay cheaper than Holland) is helping me clean my old mess and maintain a healthy balance, also financially.

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