Embodied and free

Bounteous breath

“I can hardly express how happy I am with our sessions and I could not have imagined what has been set in motion in my body.”

“I feel so incredibly grateful for this experience with myself and with you

“I went from pain to bliss. I am happy.”

A breath session.
What does that actually entail?

Everything you experience has a direct impact on your breathing. Most of us, over the course of our lives, unconsciously constrict the original, free-flowing breath through alterations in our body. We may be holding unneccessary tension and may spend a lot of time up in our head and less time fully embodied.

You may come to a session with a physical, emotional or spiritual question. Your breath is the access channel to all these layers of your being.

I analyse how you are breathing at this time. During the breath analysis we make the first steps towards an open and fluid breath. From there we will gently move into the ‘active’ part of the breath session. Click the next tab: Breath session.

During the session we work together, hands-on (unless you prefer not to be touched), with your breath, movement, sound, visualisations, affirmations and the landscape of your inner felt sensations.

A session can stir a lot of emotions.
Usually, these are echoes of the early sensations and reactions that made you breathe differently in the first place. From deep sadness to untapped joy: during a breath session it may rise up – and we won’t go into the story, into drama. Your body, way wiser than what your egoic mind can make up, will guide the way. I provide the safe and gentle space for you to release these long-stored patterns.

Towards the end of the session, it is time to receive. Often, this is the deepest phase of our session. You can fully relax and let go and let revelations and healing happen all by itself. I will hold the space for you and am here for anything that may arise.

A warming cup of tea will help you ground before you make your way back home to integrate.

During a conversation before the session, we shortly explore your wishes, needs and questions. I listen and may provide instruments for you to support yourself. Examples are tools to help you question limiting beliefs, listen to your body, find the ‘question beneath the question’ and realign with your innate wisdom.

In group sessions we work with clear intentions and a round of sharing afterwards to seal our safe bedding. Here, I may provide observations, clarifications and tips to keep the realisations present and embodied in daily life.

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Whom is this for?
Examples of questions.

You may be familiar with hyperventilation (like I was in high school), or notice premature shortness of breath during sports or in stressful situations. You may experience pain in your back, neck, shoulders or head. Your digestion may be disturbed without a clear cause. (In all these cases it is important that you visit a medical doctor as well.) Feel free to inquire in case of doubt :).

You experience stress or tension, may have a hard time moving into action or letting go of control, think or worry too much, have a hard time sensing and communicating boundaries, you may feel nervous or anxious or may have old sadness and grief to solve. These are only a few examples.

You want to live in the here and now, inquire into the depth of your being and what your purpose or meaning is in the world. You want to develop a clear awareness and no longer unneccessarily identify with your thoughts, feelings, etc.

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