Project Description

“I can not express how happy I am with our session and it is unimaginable how much this has set in motion in my body.”

The breath is a potent tool for healing and awakening. A breath session will help you relax and open physically, emotionally, mentally as well as spiritually. The session helps release tension, trauma, fear and pain and creates space for a new, more joyful and free way of being.

During a breath session you will learn to breathe more fully.
Stress and tension will resolve, negative thoughts and emotions lose their power and in this freed up space, spiritual realizations can occur.

Some come to a breath session out of curiosity, others because something is bothering them. Everyone can benefit from a breathing session.

When you hold stress, tension or worries in your body, you become less soft and flexible in your body as well as in your mind. Maybe something happened which felt traumatic enough for you to disconnect from the conscious experience of (parts of) your body

In a breath session you will learn to breathe fully again and feel. We use the breath to help you relax and open on all levels of your being.

You bring in your question or intention. In a coach conversation we will first explore whether there are even deeper wishes, feelings or convictions connected with this isssue. Then comes the breathing phase, where I will guide you into a full, conscious, connected breath, using words and touch.

A breathing session has the potential to bring about strong and diverse physical, emotional and spiritual experiences. Anything you go through is welcomed and carried in the safe environment of our setting and my (our) extensive experience in working with this kind of processes.

The session is closed with a meditation, sharing (if you wish) and tea or soup.

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“I feel so deeply thankful for this experience with myself and with you both.”