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  • You have to be pregnant to join this group


  • Daily app
  • Weekly theme
  • Weekly breath, dance & yoga mix session

Target audiences

  • Pregnant people

Are you pregnant and would you in the coming weeks like to:

  • Share with others
  • Connect with your innate power
  • Clear blockages and unhelpful patterns
  • Prepare for a free birth
  • And above all enjoy a mix of yoga, dance and breath?

Starting next weekend I will host a sharing circle where we explore themes around pregnancy and spend lots of time getting grounded and comfortable in our bodies!

What to expect:

  • New theme each week
  • App group for daily sharing
  • Breathwork, yoga and dance mix in weekly 1h Zoom events

Everything is online so you can join from the comfort of your own home.
Parts of it will be live, recorded and available for replay afterwards so that you can join live, or later, as it suits your timing.


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Judith van Kolfschoten (Juuth) is a blogger and yoga, breath & bodywork guide. She supports people and projects in creating a better world, inside & out. Ease your mind, open your heart, take positive action.

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