I wanted to share something with you which has changed my life and could change yours.

Have you ever heard of The Presence Process? It’s a book. And more than that, (you guessed it) it’s a process. It is a 10 week process that will make you feel happier, healthier and whole, creating unimagined shifts in your life.

Its daily requirements: emotional housekeeping, reading a few pages and 2 x 15 minutes of breathwork.

It was invented by the author, Michael Brown who suffered from intense pains until he found this method and cured himself. It offers a structure that will help you systematically identify the emotional patterns that underly all of your experiences.

According to Michael, our earliest experiences create an imprint that keeps on repeating throughout our lives. This imprint shapes how we perceive everything that happens to us and everyone who comes across our path.

Do you get it? This is very simple and very profound:

Life may look like a multitude of happenings, people and circumstances, but these are actually many messengers presenting the same few messages – over and over and over again.

The key to living in the moment and being happy is this: focus on the message (not the messenger) and feel it without resisting it. And as we start living in unconditional emotional responsability, present moment awareness shines as never before.

It’s as simple as that. And it’s a total game changer.

It’s very simple, but because of our wiring and conditioning, it can be hard to do. We’re so used to making stuff difficult, right?

In my own life, The Presence Process has lifted a lifelong weight off my shoulders, freed up energy and literally brought in thousands of euros. That is the kind of change this process can bring. I wholeheartedly recommend doing it.


There is one thing that could be stronger, and it concerns breathwork. Breathwork can be tricky, and neither the book nor the website, in my humble opinion, offer enough guidance. Breathwork is at the heart of The Presence Process. If you can make the fullest use of this element, you are increasing your leverage bigtime.

That’s why I created The Peace Portal, a Presence Process enhancer if you will.

The Peace Portal adds to The Presence Process: personal online breath guidance, social support, a live breath workshop, tips for further exploration and more. Check it out here: The Peace Portal.

Consider it, and if it’s for you: jump in and I’ll see you on the other side!