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The Peace Portal

Did you know that right at the heart of every experience is peace? That every sensation is a messenger with something valuable to show you? And do you live that truth? The Peace Portal offers a simple set of tools that will transform all your life circumstances into shining gifts.

“Unbelievably effective and life changing, the combination of a committed intensified breathing practice with a concise way to work with our mind and look at its unproductive creations.”

Judith Kravitz, founder of Transformational Breathing, about The Presence Process


The Presence Process is a world famous, life changing 10 week process brought to us by Michael Brown. It is, as is written on the back of the book, ‘a simple, practical approach to accomplishing and maintaining personal peace in the midst of accelerating change, discomfort, conflict, and chaos.’

The Presence Process has brought transformational change in my own life and in that of my friends and clients who have taken it. Any issues that are preventing you from experiencing deep peace (such as fear, addiction, shame, self rejection, blaming, conflict, dependence, illness and much more) will surface and find resolve.

The process has lifted a lifelong weight off my shoulders, freed up energy and literally brought in thousands of euros. The shifts are beyond reasoning and can not be predicted – it is a journey you have to enter into for yourself.

“Personal peace is not given to us by others – it arises through our response to ourselves.”

Michael Brown, The Presence Process – A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness


The Peace Portal honors The Presence Process as a stand alone, self directing, individual journey and does not elaborate on or interfere with its content in any way. We are not commercially affiliated with The Presence Process or its creator.

The Peace Portal does, for those who appreciate personal guidance and interpersonal connection, provide an opportunity to embark on this journey with strong internal commitment and an external support system in place.

Being a breath coach I also give practical guidance on applying the connected breathing technique, common disfunctional breathing habits, and helpful ways of adjusting your breathing. This will greatly deepen your process, remove or prevent unneccesary stagnation or discomfort and allow for a smooth, fruitful journey.

At least once during your journey you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a full one hour guided online breathing session.

Entering The Peace Portal will give you:

  • A place to ask questions related to your journey and breath
  • A free voucher for a live online guided breathing session
  • Weekly email reminders for The Presence Process
  • A growing community of people also in the process
  • A selection of great freely available TPP and breath related content on the web
  • Upon completion of the process: further tips for working with specific life themes that may have come up
  • Of course, Peace 🙂

Is this for you? Yes, if you…

  • Are curious or passionate about a life in which every discomfort is a doorway to freedom
  • Are ready to commit to The Presence Process (10 weeks, twice daily 15 minute practice, order book separately here)
  • Are interested in the power of your breath as a tool for happiness
  • Are happy to join one of our live Breath & Bass workshops (free voucher included)
  • Would like personal guidance on how to breathe to make the most of this journey (via phone, skype or app)
  • Like to connect, learn from and share with people on a similar journey

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You can jump in at any time (even if you have already started The Presence Process alone and could use some help) and will be added to a support app group with people who have recently entered The Peace Portal. Simply pay now and in the notes mention your email so that I can add you.
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This is the best gift you could ever give yourself.