We zijn van nature sociaal (Jean Liedloff: The Continuum Concept)

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"Je krijgt in het leven wat je verwacht, niet wat je wilt." - Jean Liedloff Een mooie video over hoe je kinderen voedt met nabijheid, aanraking en de essentiële gewoonte om ze zelf de wereld zelf te laten ontdekken. Over vertrouwen op de natuur, onze natuurlijke talenten en onze aangeboren neiging om aan sociale verwachtingen [...]

The Work of Byron Katie: a beautiful example for changemakers

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In this enlightening and entertaining video, you'll see The Work by Byron Katie applied by a woman who holds strong grudges towards the meat industry. She quickly realises how her negative thoughts are preventing her from seeing clearly and compassionately. She comes to see how she has been a slave to her own thinking, and [...]

We are social by nature (Jean Liedloff: The Continuum Concept)

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"You get what you expect in life, not what you want." - Jean Liedloff A beautiful video about nurturing your kids with proximity, touch and the crucial practice of letting them explore the world by themselves. About trusting nature, our natural talents and our innate tendency to live up to social expectations - and how [...]

My favorite animation of conception & baby growing in the womb

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When we had just found out I was pregnant, we found this video on Youtube. It is a beautiful animation not just of the fetus growing in the womb but also of the conception itself. Sperm swimming their way to the egg, competing to find their way in. Credits to the guys, without whom none [...]

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