World peace begins with inner peace

I am a student as much as a teacher in the practices I facilitate. After a series of hurtful and disruptive events in my teenage years, I started my own journey towards healing. Early on, I discovered and explored the connection between my breath, body and state of being. However for years to come patterns of dissociation and self sabotage played out in my life – until I could finally get a hold.

My journey of recovery and transformation led me to personal leadership and communication trainings, bioenergetic bodywork, trauma healing techniques, plant medicine ceremonies, tantra, yoga, and breathwork. A myriad of teachings that have come together beautifully in a simple, comprehensive and profound approach towards personal and spiritual growth.

As my pathway towards inner peace unfolded gracefully, I started to facilitate the techniques that worked best in workshops, ceremonies, and private sessions. This work, both through personal practice and facilitating for others, is still an ongoing learning journey for me as much as for anyone.

The seeds and fruits of conscious, connected living are truly a blessing and I wish for the world to know about these practices so that all of us and the whole planet may benefit. Even a tiny step can make a world of difference.