Living Medicine Circle

Health for body, mind and spirit

We offer workshops and practices to support anyone in returning to their true self. Our tribe is growing and we would love to welcome you.


Coaching, workshops, retreats & community

We invite you to step into a relaxed and joyful way of living and let go of what is not needed anymore.

When you reconnect to your inner source and from there shine a loving light on your shadows, you will become more connected, effortless, and free.

We offer silent retreats in nature, individual sessions, meetups and more as ways to help you open physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

This video was shot during one of our meetups. Feel free to join next time!
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Living Medicine Circle

What we call medicine is any practice that brings balance, opening and insight to our being. Our activities are intended to celebrate what’s great in life and work with what’s not. Thus, we aim to foster personal insight, community connection and inspired worldly action.

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May all beings be happy

With an open heart and strong spirit, we can change our world in unimagined ways.

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