Project Description

“The animal figures I meet during spirit drum journeys have important messages to share. I regard them as symbols, messengers of a deep inner knowing and have learned to trust their guidance.”

The spirit drum will be played live for you by Jan. Let the rhythm, vibration and beats guide your spirit into the shamanic realms of lower or upper world, where you may find healing and higher guidance. The session is deeply relaxing, grounding and healing.

Traditional cultures have long used the spirit (or: shamanic) drum to enter altered stated of consciousness and connect to realms of existence otherwise mostly unavailable to us. Indeed, rapid drumming has a mesmerizing effect which is measurable in the psyche and chemistry of our body as well.

You will be welcomed in a warm and caring setting. Everything is provided to ensure a safe and carefree journey.

This can be done both in a private session or in a workshop.