Chocolate Mango (beans & carrots!) No-Bake Cake

2020-12-11T15:50:43+01:00By |Blog, Blog EN, Blog NL, Food, Health, Recipes|

Yesterday was my birthday. I spent the whole day in the kitchen before moving all the dishes over to my mom's place who had graciously offered to host the family birthday party. It was a perfect day with some of my favorite people :). This no-bake cake consists of 3 layers plus a fruit topping. [...]

Chocolate hearts with propolis, cardamom and rose

2019-07-29T22:54:16+02:00By |Blog, Food, Health, Recipes|

Want to help save the bees? Check out my post on the super simple and fun things you can do to support the little workers: Bee the change.   Bees & propolis Some weeks ago, my colleague, friend and beekeeper Fleur gifted me a beautiful bag of bee's favorite flower seeds and a cute little pot with propolis. [...]

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