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Dit artikel maakt deel uit van de reeks 3 dingen die mijn leven veranderden (en mijn onderneming voeden): Persoonlijk leiderschap Bewustzijnswerk (lees je nu) Meditatie, natuur & stilte Bewustzijnswerk Bewustzijnswerk is innerlijk werk waarin je je bewustzijn verruimt. Dit kan in tamelijk milde vorm middels visualisaties en meditaties, of in sterkere vorm door het innemen [...]

Psychedelics are back: tips for catching up

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Today, April 19th, we celebrate international bicycle day. On this day in 1943, Albert Hofmann ingested a high dose (thinking it was a small one) of LSD, the molecule he had shortly therefore extracted from a fungi. It marked the beginning of a period in which psychedelics were regarded the most promising drugs in mental [...]

Ayahuasca: awakening the inner dancer

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When you are dancing, how do you feel? Do you feel open, relaxed, radiant, strong, playful, in flow...? Or do you rather feel uneasy, insecure, comparing yourself to others? Maybe you only dance when you've had alcohol, because otherwise you feel too shy or incapable? Until i was 29, and already beyond my 'disco' years, [...]

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