Bye bye coffee, thanks for everything!

2019-07-29T22:54:16+02:00By |Art of living, Blog, Food, Health|

I have always loved my coffee (the smell of the ground beans, the brewing sounds, the heat coming from the cup...), but about three months ago I quit drinking coffee from one day to the next. As my mind and body have become more sensitive, over the years, to what I feed them, I started to notice [...]

Addiction, self love and trust

2019-07-29T22:54:17+02:00By |Art of living, Blog, Expand, Health, Inspiration|

I wrote this post speaking from my own personal experiences with addiction and from those of others who have been open enough to share their stories with me. If you are reading this, and you regard yourself as addicted to some substance or behavior or you worry about your attachment to some thing, some [...]

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