I have always loved my coffee (the smell of the ground beans, the brewing sounds, the heat coming from the cup…), but about three months ago I quit drinking coffee from one day to the next.

As my mind and body have become more sensitive, over the years, to what I feed them, I started to notice how coffee actually affected my body and mood – for real.

It is generally assumed that coffee (or rather: caffeine) increases our energy and makes us more awake, alert, and that is also what I believed and experienced for a long time. But when I started paying attention, I found that for me that is actually not the case anymore. 

What really happens for me when I drink coffee, is this: my heart rate increases, my breathing quickens and becomes more shallow, and I get annoyed and frustrated more easily. The ‘higher energy’ actually turns out to be more of a rushed feeling. These effects may be subtle, and that is why I could so easily mistake them for something else!

Also, I took them for granted for a long time because I also loved coffee so much, with an added bit morning craving.

But it so happened that after one strong coffee, last January on an otherwise perfect morning in Brazil, I grunted impatiently (and over nothing) at my love. It may have been a small thing, but somehow it clicked in my mind and I made the switch.  

And then and there in that moment, I decided not to drink coffee anymore. It wasn’t a big thing, more of a joyful realization.

I haven’t missed it for a moment, even though I used to drink coffee daily. I love my teas and smoothies and for truly improved energy, I now use spirulina. And yes I still like to work from coffee bars, and thoroughly enjoy their smell of freshly ground beans :).

Are you mindful of your coffee intake and how it affects you? Let us know in the comments!