Here’s the main thing you have to understand about trauma: it wants to keep you hidden.

Why? It’s trying to protect you.
It’s only ever trying to keep you safe.

It imagines threats where there are none.

Stuck in the past, it wants to keep you close to what you know,
close to what you can control.

When you begin to leave your comfort zone, take that brave step,
express yourself, assert a boundary, try something new, separate from the know world,
it will assume, based on past evidence, that YOU ARE IN DANGER,
and it will do everything it can to get you back to safety,
convincing you to be small again –
in order to protect you from failure, ridicule, abuse, further shaming.

Your mind will scream.
Your body will shake.
Your muscles will tense up.
Your heart will race.
Your breath will quicken.
Everything will feel… wrong.

We can’t destroy this conditioned fear. We can’t get ‘over’ it.
The more we resist it, turn against it, judge it as bad or wrong, or fight it, the worse it gets.
The more we reject it, the more we reaffirm to it that the world is truly unsafe.

We cannot delete the fear but we can turn towards it. Understand it. Have compassion for it.
Have a more loving conversation with it:

“Thank you for protecting me, trauma. You served me well. But maybe the danger has passed.
Maybe I don’t need your protection today. Maybe I am bigger, stronger, safer than I knew…”

Then, the very same energy that suppressed your authentic self, starts to work for you.
Liberated, it begins to
express your authentic self, helping you play, be creative, speak up,
take up space, and take those courageous steps into the Unknown.

The very same energy that suppressed you, now works to express you.
The energy that used to shut you down from life, now spends its time trying to open you up to life.

You learn: IT’S SAFE TO BE ME.

This is the greatest thing of all. It really is.
To feel safe within yourself.
To know that your nervous system is always working for you.
To love your body, and to know that you are not your body.

Trauma is condensed life energy, that is all. Stuck, constricted, it longs to be liberated.
It longs to be seen, known, felt.

When it’s met with love, it can blossom, YOU can blossom, into pure creativity.


Jeff Foster


What Jeff is saying here, is my own lived experience and I have seen it happen with many others – friends and clients: as soon as we turn towards our trauma (either ‘big T’ Trauma, ‘small t’ trauma or any experience in life that seems to have cut us off, made us small, tense us up)…

…it gets liberated and this part of us re-awakens to our true, creative self.

We all have experienced some form of trauma, of life energy getting stuck, and there is a gentle way to return to the pureness of our being.

I am not a trauma therapist, but it is my job and passion to help all people find inner peace through movement, compassion and breath. On my socials (Insta, Facebook) and in the online school, you will find exercises to help you along your journey.

Image credit: Photo by Matthew Waring on Unsplash