Blood orange & coconut chia pudding

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Delicious and simple. (You can make this recipe with plant-based milk and coconut 'yoghurt' OR use 1 can of organic fairtrade coconut cream without emulsifier. Use the coconut water from the can for the pudding and the thick cream from the same can for the topping.) Ingredients: For the chia pudding 2 tbs chia seeds [...]

Sweet potato stuffed vegetables

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A perfect example of a vegan dish which has everything you need in a healthy diet. Vegetables, legumes, nuts: fibers, vitamins, healthy carbs and fats. Different textures ensure a rich meal experience! 3-5 small sweet potatoes1 cup red lentils1 zucchini1 sweet long pepper2 handfuls of cherry tomatoesItalian herbs1 tbs tomato paste 1 handful cashewsSalt & [...]

‘We do not need a pandemic to #movethedate’ (maar het helpt wel)

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"In 2020, the pandemic-induced lockdown measures around the world slowed human activity down. As a consequence, the date of Earth Overshoot Day – when humanity has used as much ecological resources as the planet’s natural ecosystems can regenerate in the whole year – was pushed back to where it stood some 15 years ago (a [...]

Wholewheat bread with pumpkin seeds, raisins & banana

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I love bread, especially wholewheat with lots of seeds. Really good bread tastes best with only olive oil and salt, some salted butter or even just as it is. At my daughter's kindergarten, they bake bread with the kids every day. As soon as my daughter comes in, she is handed a piece of dough [...]

ABC-smoothie bowl (Apple, Beetroot, Carrot & more)

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I've had this smoothie for breakfast almost every day in the last two weeks. Temporary crazes are part of my life :). This healthy red smoothie recipe is based on (and an extension of) the famous ABC (apple-beetroot-carrot) juice, but leaves in all the fibres that are important for a healthy sugar digestion. I love [...]

The Work of Byron Katie: a beautiful example for changemakers

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In this enlightening and entertaining video, you'll see The Work by Byron Katie applied by a woman who holds strong grudges towards the meat industry. She quickly realises how her negative thoughts are preventing her from seeing clearly and compassionately. She comes to see how she has been a slave to her own thinking, and [...]

Start with a sigh (breathe in…… let go)

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Did you know that only breathing IN requires effort? Breathing out is simply a release. How it works: Breathing in, the diaphragm contracts, pulling down into the belly, creating a vacuüm in the lungs which are thereby filled with air... Breathing out: full release. Diaphragm relaxes and automatically moves back up, air flowing out effortlessly. [...]

Dec 8th in Maarn, NL: Workshop Breath & Bodywork: FULL BODY BREATH

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Deep breath- and bodywork workshop using the conscious connected breath, bodywork and intention setting as a powerful framework for personal transformation and spiritual realisation.

The 4-8 relaxation breath

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I'm sure you have heard of the fight or flight response. That's when your adrenaline spikes, sending superhuman power to your arms and feet and razor sharp focus to your mind set to one thing: survive. Your breathing speed and heart rate go up. Blood flow is redirected from some of your organs to your [...]

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