As we all know, India is the holy land of curries (spiced everything dishes) and dhals (spiced lentil dishes). Little did i expect my first recipe after India to be about… simple avocado and Greek grilled cheese.


Back to basic

Truth is, all the amazing curries, thalis, dhals and breads i ate while in India, have in the end of my stay ignited an enormous craving for raw and almost bland food.

And so once i discovered that our favorite beach restaurant served a simple salad of carrot, cabbage and cheese, i couldn’t get enough.

However, no worries! There will also be curries. Only a bit later.


Lately, i’ve been raving over my new contactgrill (bought secondhand, unblemished, for only 5 euros). This recipe is an example of why: just toss some raw veggies in a bowl, top with nuts and seeds and olive oil and serve with shortly grilled halloumi cheese (or zucchini slices, or seitan strips). Looks great, very healthy and ready within only a few minutes. Minutes!


Halloumi is a Greek cheese that can be grilled and still remains its bite and form. It is quite salty so it’s a perfect companion for otherwise unsalted foods – be sure not to add more salt. It combines great with sweet foods such as raisins, pomegranate seeds and honey.

Recipe for Avocado and halloumi salad

For one person:

  • Halloumi cheese, three 5 mm slices
  • Cabbage (green, white, red or chinese), two handfuls
  • Raisins or mulberries, 1 small handful
  • Avocado, one half
  • Hemp seeds and cashew nuts
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil

Heat the halloumi slices on the contactgrill or in a pan. Meanwhile, cut the veggies and toss together. Sprinkle with olive oil, add some pepper. Place the lightly browned halloumi slices on top, add a few more drops of olive oil and some nuts and seeds.

Great with sprouts as well, and just use any veggies in your shrink!

Enjoy this tasty, healthy quickie. I love it!

And now, for the Dutchies…

Recept Salade met avocado en halloumi

Per persoon:

  • Halloumi, 3 plakken van 5 mm
  • Kool (groen, wit, rood of chinese), twee handen vol dunne reepjes
  • Rozijnen of moerbeien, een handje
  • Avocado, half
  • Hennepzaad en cashewnoten
  • Peper
  • Olive oil

Verhit de halloumi op een grillijzer of in de pan. Snijd intussen de groenten en hussel samen. Besprenkel met olijfolie en maal peper erboven. Leg de nu gebruinde halloumiplakken op de salade en druppel er nog wat meer olijfolie bij. Top af met noten en zaden.

Ook super met sprouts, en qua groenten kun je natuurlijk lekker varieren met wat je toevallig in je koelkast vindt.