Easy Summer party dish: tastefully grilled veggies

2020-12-11T15:10:37+01:00By |Blog, Food, Health, Inspired Business, Recipes|

A grill pan is one of my favorite cooking 'tools': it's fast, easy and healthy and the food looks beautiful. Try this: chop some garlic and let sit in olive oil for some time. Cut zucchinis, bell peppers and onions in nice large pieces, so it will be finger food when on the plate. Cut [...]

Exploring new grounds: Costa Rica (I)

2019-07-29T22:54:17+02:00By |Blog, Inspired Business, Location Independent Lifestyle, Travel, Uncategorized|

Digital nomading in Costa Rica I landed in Costa Rica a few days ago, where I'll be servicing my clients and creating new ways to make online income, as well as travel, see the country and get to know its people. Digital nomading has been my lifestyle for the past couple of years already, but [...]

Emden, Northern Germany (Summer in a VW campervan I)

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Moin! I'm in Emden, Ost-Friesland, Northern Germany and here, 'Moin!' is the way to say hi. Update Life has been wild and deep and the blog has been silent for the last couple of months. A new love has entered my life and I've spent quite some time here in Germany and roaming different places in The Netherlands, looking out [...]

How to inspire people into action and start living the life of your dreams

2019-07-29T22:54:17+02:00By |Art of living, Blog, Inspired Business, Location Independent Lifestyle, Travel|

Are you an entrepreneur, or are you thinking of becoming one? Do you want to put your talents to work and make the world a shinier place? Does the PROMISE of your business make you feel energized, light, fulfilled, happy and strong? If you’re like many entrepreneurs i know, you may at times feel that the [...]

Stop selling your soul and do work that you love

2019-08-09T15:02:17+02:00By |Blog, Featured, Inspired Business|

Do you ever feel that in order to rcoke money, you are selling your soul? I used to feel like that: ...When I was working for a company division where I didn't agree with their approach and solutions. ...When scoring a deal was so important that I worked with clients whose business was against my [...]

How embracing resistance helps me to Get Things Done

2019-07-29T22:54:18+02:00By |Art of living, Blog, Expand, Health, Inspired Business|

There was a time in my life when i used to go to work every morning, crying and in despair. I did not want to be in this job anymore, but out of fear i didn't allow these feelings to move me into action. What i feared was the sense of failure. And i didn't [...]

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