Moin! I’m in Emden, Ost-Friesland, Northern Germany and here, ‘Moin!’ is the way to say hi.


Life has been wild and deep and the blog has been silent for the last couple of months. A new love has entered my life and I’ve spent quite some time here in Germany and roaming different places in The Netherlands, looking out for a steady place to live and meanwhile enjoying the location independent lifestyle.


Sometimes, I really long to live somewhere steady, just to have a ‘basecamp’. However, the apartments I applied for so far have not yet turned out to be a match and although my mind sometimes feels sorry about that, my heart is calm and knows everything is alright and life is providing everything that is needed in just the right time.

As a direct example, this roaming lifestyle enables me to pay off my debt faster than I could have otherwise and frankly, feeling that weight slowly but steadily being lifted off my shoulders is huge.

Hit the road again

After six months of profound work, the hurt of the breakup still being felt, some exciting website jobs, a couple of ceremonial workshops, and five different houses I’ve taken care of or stayed at, the time has come for me to hit the road again.

Love Jan has bought a Volkswagen T5 van and is turning it into a comfortable campervan. He is a carpenter and works miracles with wood, making everything in here fit the curves of the bus just perfectly.

Meanwhile, I am working on a brand new look and functionality for this website using the van as my office. We expect to both be ready in a few days.


Volkswagen T5 campervan makeover

Some highlights of the work he is getting done: a big bed annex chill area, optimal storage space, a multifunctional mini kitchen to be used inside or outside of the vehicle and ‘swivel seats’, meaning we can turn around the driver and passenger seats to create a spacious and comfy home using the full length of the van.

He is getting all that done AND making us lovely breakfast each morning in his mother’s ‘Cafétje’, too!

What’s next

We’re almost done: Jan with the van, and I with the website. I’m totally excited about putting that live and then roadtripping down south, through Belgium, to France, Spain and Portugal. I’ve recently picked up playing guitar and expect to add a few songs to my songbook along the way, visit faraway friends and get some work done in the meantime as well.

I’m ready to find out what living in a campervan is really like… and will of course keep you posted whenever I can! If you have ever traveled this way, please do share your experience in the comments. Or, if you have questions about the VW campervan makeover, those are welcome as well!