We are social by nature (Jean Liedloff: The Continuum Concept)

2020-12-11T15:50:42+01:00By |Blog, Books, Children & parenting, Videos|

"You get what you expect in life, not what you want." - Jean Liedloff A beautiful video about nurturing your kids with proximity, touch and the crucial practice of letting them explore the world by themselves. About trusting nature, our natural talents and our innate tendency to live up to social expectations - and how [...]

Beauty and the invitation to let go

2019-07-29T22:54:17+02:00By |Blog, Featured, Health, Videos|

A few days ago I ran into a friend whom I hadn’t seen in over a year. I was delighted to see him, we hugged and exchanged some updates about our lives. I felt vibrant and enthusiastic, but somehow that didn’t translate into our communication. Something in my facial expression felt weirdly off. The feedback [...]

The Art of Asking – Amanda Palmer

2019-07-29T22:54:19+02:00By |Blog, Expand, Videos|

When i saw this Ted Talk a little over a year ago, i felt so happy and inspired. To me, it's about following what you in your heart believe to be true and right, even if that means going against mainstream and getting shouted at by some people. When i tell people i Couchsurf often [...]

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