When i saw this Ted Talk a little over a year ago, i felt so happy and inspired. To me, it’s about following what you in your heart believe to be true and right, even if that means going against mainstream and getting shouted at by some people.

When i tell people i Couchsurf often and hitchhike sometimes, they mostly weigh the comfort of traveling ‘for free’ against the risks of being dependent on strangers.

I ask them: do you know from experience what it’s like to PLAN a little bit less and instead TRUST life to provide you with anything you need? It’s spiritually liberating.

To me, the most joyous and fulfilling of experiences were given to me when i trusted the infinite originality of the universe more than my own limited mind.

While keeping a clear sense for avoiding stupidities, of course ;).

Let me know in the comments: when have you last CROWDSOURCED an open question for support instead of PLANNED your own solution?

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