In short: we use both.

We’ve had cloth diapers from the start but ended up hardly using them at first because (even in size S) they looked very large on our little girl. Although she didn’t seem to mind, it just didn’t look healthy to us to have her tilt her whole body when lying down just because of the diaper.

But ever since she started eating solid food (next to breastfeeding on demand) and using the potty, both at around five months, I love the cloth diapers. They are climate friendly, almost as easy to use and save a lot of money. Also, they help in potty training because they do worse at absorbtion, thus making it more obvious when the diaper needs changing.

When away from home, we still use disposable diapers. It’s lighter, easier, less volume, easier for family who are not used to cloth diapers. But honestly, this is a matter of laziness comfort. Cloth would work as well. It’s a compromise.

For Dutchies: I really liked this article:

Bonus tip: check out the diaper free movement for even more (= less) fun with diapers.