I wrote this post the day after Donald Trump was elected president, watching many outraged and panicy reactions unfold on social media. That day, I decided to remain silent.

Today I’d like to share how I think we can wisely and heartfully respond in any moment of (perceived) crisis, especially those of us who call ourselves ‘spiritual’.

(Please also read my post on activism with Marianne Williamson: Love hard, pray hard, kick ass.)

Moment of truth

Isn’t it super-easy to love, to understand, to listen, to embrace, and take the right action, when you like the people you’re with and the situation you’re in?

But what if a part of reality looks absolutely dismal to you, like is the case right now for many people? How much are you now really able to fully face what’s right in front of you, to open your heart and meet the world as yourself, even this reality that may be screaming, red-eyed, spitting in your face, making you shrivel with disgust and harden with resistance… are you still able to meet all that?

This is what I am asking myself today. Donald Trump, for many of us, represents those aspects of humanity and of ourselves that we rather not face.

And so this is a moment of truth: are you responding to yesterday’s (last week’s, last year’s..) events with an open heart or with a closed mind?

(And I am choosing to use his full name, not just the last name we often use for adults, but the first name too so that we remember the more personal, the child, the ageless.)

It is my invitation for those who today are screaming NOOOOOOOO, resisting this reality outwardly or in their hearts:

Accept this reality as an invitation to stand tall and face, eyes wide open, heart wide open, the full reality of what’s happening.

Do not give in to amazement. Do not give in to the craze of the ego-mind believing in ideas, separation, ‘them’ and ‘us’. Instead, be the silent observer of all that is happening within you as much as in the ‘outside world’. And start your work there where it is the most intimate, most scary, most beneficial: with yourself.

Invitation to do The Work

One of the best ways of dealing with our pain is to do The Work by Byron Katie (link opens in new tab). If you are not familiar with The Work, I highly recommend you do it. It’s free and as simple as it gets. Recommended by Eckart Tolle and Oprah, too ;).

Doing The Work helps people recognize that all the suffering we blame on other people or our life’s circumstances, is caused by our own thinking. The Work helps you deal with your own shit before pointing fingers at others or wanting to control them.

This is your inner work, and it is a necessary preparation for healthy activism. On this topic, please also read my post on activism with Marianne Williamson: Love hard, pray hard, kick ass.

Only from a place of wholeness

The waves I am feeling inside my belly, heart and mind today are enormous and nauseating. I am taking time to meet them fully and digest all the thoughts and emotions that are being stirred.

Only from a place of wholeness can I write articles, lead workshops and live freely in a way that is beneficial and empowering and causes no further separation.
Only from a place of wholeness can we find the space to truly listen and learn to understand.
Only from a place of wholeness can we act without the need to harm or control.
Only from a place of wholeness can we work together to help save the world.

Please take this time to commit yourself to your inner work and unite in peace, so we can move into the healthy action that is needed to help protect our world and civilization – more so Now than ever before.

The time really is Now.