According to Priscilla Dunstan and a group of researchers who back her personal findings, babies all over the world make a select group of sounds for certain situations such as discomfort, needing to burp and being hungry. Our conclusion after seeing it work with us and some other parents/babies: this is real and it’s great!

When you know about the five sounds, it becomes so much more clear what your baby needs in any moment. This brings relaxation, fulfillment, understanding, it saves time and energy and crying and it just brings such tremendous joy to be able to provide what is needed.

All we did was watch the video below, print a little flyer with the sounds and their meaning and practice together, for fun, before Lua was born. We’d say Neeeeeh and the other would shout: food!, or Eh, eh, and the other would say: burp :). It was a fun time preparing for our first months as parents, which is when babies utter these sounds based on their natural (and universal) reflexes such as sucking when they are hungry.

It really works and it made life so much easier. Understanding what your little loved one wants, makes all the difference in the world.

Watching this video teaches you all you need to know:

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