Breastfeeding in mindfulness

2019-08-30T12:23:18+02:00By |Blog, Breath, Children & parenting|

Breastfeeding is a beautiful moment between me and my baby. A precious moment to rest, connect, and exchange. During breastfeeding, there is a direct energy connection between the baby and mother. Skins touch, hormones soar, reflexes act, milk flows. It is a deeply intuitive process that taps into the most ancient parts of both our [...]

My favorite animation of conception & baby growing in the womb

2019-08-18T21:59:47+02:00By |Blog, Children & parenting|

When we had just found out I was pregnant, we found this video on Youtube. It is a beautiful animation not just of the fetus growing in the womb but also of the conception itself. Sperm swimming their way to the egg, competing to find their way in. Credits to the guys, without whom none [...]

The Positive Birth Company online hypnobirthing course rocks

2019-07-29T22:54:15+02:00By |Blog, Children & parenting|

I will share about our 'positive birth' in detail at a later time, but here is a golden tip for any pregnant couple wanting to prepare for a smooth birth: buy the Positive Birth Company digital pack. It has about 40 videos and contains everything you need to have, do and know for a safe [...]

Breast feeding: clear and wonderful how-to video

2019-07-31T12:48:16+02:00By |Blog, Children & parenting|

This is a wonderful video. It is very helpful for an important part of parenting: feeding your baby the very best nutrition available and nurturing the most beautiful, essential bond there is. (Yes I am a breast feeding enthusiast.) I found the video enlightening in many respects. It shows all the do's and don'ts, but [...]

Dunstan Baby Language: it works

2019-07-29T22:54:15+02:00By |Blog, Children & parenting|

According to Priscilla Dunstan and a group of researchers who back her personal findings, babies all over the world make a select group of sounds for certain situations such as discomfort, needing to burp and being hungry. Our conclusion after seeing it work with us and some other parents/babies: this is real and it's great! [...]