Three breathful visualisations for you today:

  1. Ease your mind
  2. Open your heart
  3. Step into action

You can choose to do them separately as you see fit or combine and include them in your morning routine as a great way to start your day.

You can do them one breath at a time, or take your time with them and stroll out into nature to do a full hour of practice.

Intro for all three practices

Find a chair, cushion or place on the ground where you can sit (or stand) comfortably.
Breathe only throught the nose or only through the mouth, do not alternate.
Lengthen your spine, gently roll your head on your neck a few times, then come back to the center.
Close your eyes, relax the forehead.
Yaaawn and relax your jaw.
Relax and soften the belly.

Now, bring your attention to the natural rhythm of your breath.

1. Ease your mind

The mind is like the sky, white clouds of thought against a background of peaceful blue.
On the inbreath, you may see  the clouds dissolving. On the outbreath, only deep blue peace remains.

Breathing in and out, say with your inner voice:

“Breathing in, thoughts dissolve”
“Breathing out, mind is peace”

(Repeat as often as you like)

2. Open your heart

The heart is like the Sun, shining with love. On the inbreath, breathe in light fueling the sun. On the outbreath, love’s light is shining brightly.

Breathing in and out, say with your inner voice:

“Breathing in, I open my heart”
“Breathing out, I am love”

(Repeat as often as you like)

2. Step into action

The body is balanced and strong, like a ninja’s. On the inbreath, get ready. On the outbreath, step forward and box or make any ninja move you like while making this sound from the belly: Ha!.

SAY – Breathing in and out, say with your inner voice:

“Breathing in, I am ready for action”
“Breathing out, Ha!”

(Repeat as often as you like and play with sounds and moves)