Awesome Travel Budget Tracker: Trail Wallet

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When I travel, I like to keep track of my budget. It gives me insight and peace of mind, plus I can share some helpful insights later on with fellow travelers who are asking for advice. Track your travel budget wisely So far, I have always made due with the Notes or Excel app on [...]

Exploring new grounds: Costa Rica (I)

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Digital nomading in Costa Rica I landed in Costa Rica a few days ago, where I'll be servicing my clients and creating new ways to make online income, as well as travel, see the country and get to know its people. Digital nomading has been my lifestyle for the past couple of years already, but [...]

Wild camping in Serra da Estrela, Portugal 2016 (Summer in a VW campervan VI)

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After the amazing Boom Festival 2016, it was time again for silence. Whoever thought silence and nature are boring, think again. Huge rocks, the ice cold air, the vast darkness of the night, the thin morning clouds and a few hours later the burning hot sun: they all speak their own language and to me [...]

Boom Festival 2016 (Summer in a VW campervan V)

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After Santiago de Compostela, we headed further down south to Portugal. The center of our journey was the amazingly beautiful Boom Festival, every second year in the month of August near Lisbon. We spent over a week on the Boomland, and met with so many old and new friends. Marco, Anna, Alexander (who made the lead photo [...]

Santiago de Compostela (Summer in a VW campervan IV)

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After Bilbao, we roamed around in Santiago de Compostela for a few days. The Camino de Santiago (Latin: Peregrinatio Compostellana, Galician: Camiño de Santiago), also known by the English names Way of St. James, St. James's Way, St. James's Path, St. James's Trail, Route of Santiago de Compostela,[1] and Road to Santiago,[2] is the name of [...]

Bilbao & North Spain coast (Summer in a VW campervan III)

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After having visited Ton in France, we went on to the Spanish coast near Bilbao and met up with my childhood friend Joris and his wonderful wife Eider and kids. In the evening, we found the perfect beach and cooked dinner by the sunset. The hot Summer temperatures make for extreme droughts [...]

France is for friendship (Summer in a VW campervan II)

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Finally, after more than a week of hard work on the VW campervan (Jan) and this new website (me, Judith) we headed south. Starting from the upper north of Germany and with still a long journey ahead of us, we soon reconfirmed that truly the journey IS the destination. The van is awesome, life rocks and I can not [...]

Emden, Northern Germany (Summer in a VW campervan I)

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Moin! I'm in Emden, Ost-Friesland, Northern Germany and here, 'Moin!' is the way to say hi. Update Life has been wild and deep and the blog has been silent for the last couple of months. A new love has entered my life and I've spent quite some time here in Germany and roaming different places in The Netherlands, looking out [...]

How to inspire people into action and start living the life of your dreams

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Are you an entrepreneur, or are you thinking of becoming one? Do you want to put your talents to work and make the world a shinier place? Does the PROMISE of your business make you feel energized, light, fulfilled, happy and strong? If you’re like many entrepreneurs i know, you may at times feel that the [...]

Digital nomads & work life balance

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Update: life goes on, things change and Judith and Marco are no longer together as a couple. We are still close friends but we both went our separate ways. We're in Thailand, carrying backpacks and traveling low-budget. Apparently, the Thai use a special term for our kind: stinky foreigners. Ha! Truth is, we have showered [...]

We booked our dream!

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YAAAY we just booked our next adventure!! THAILAND here we come <3. Sun and sand From November 2014 till January 2015, Marco's photography business and Juuth's website business will be brought to you from sunny verandas and sandy beaches. Thailand wedding photography Marco will be available for destination weddings in the South East Asia region [...]

Winter in the tropics – your advice please!

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My love and i are planning to stay the winter overseas, where Christmas is sunny and where New Year's Eve is celebrated in bikini, with sandy toes. I feel so deeply happy and grateful to be able to do this... aaaaahhhh. Yay! We'll be working from there (as well as doing yoga courses, jungle trekkings [...]

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