My love and i are planning to stay the winter overseas, where Christmas is sunny and where New Year’s Eve is celebrated in bikini, with sandy toes.

I feel so deeply happy and grateful to be able to do this… aaaaahhhh. Yay!

We’ll be working from there (as well as doing yoga courses, jungle trekkings and whatnot) and so we’re looking for the perfect places for digital nomads like us to connect to local people and nature as well as… well, wifi.

We’re thinking Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia. Maybe Bali. We heard good things about Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Ho Chi Minh City (‘Saigon’, Vietnam). Marco will be starting an online photography business, i will continue the website and catering businesses that i love as well as develop exciting new business ideas AND of course sharing our adventures with you…

We’re also open to all opportunities you may think or hear of :).

So, dear friends, we’re calling on you! Please let us know in the comments:

  • Have you lived a location independent/digital nomad lifestyle abroad?
  • How’s your experience?
  • Where should we go?
  • Do you know people we should connect with?

I can’t wait to hear from you! Thanks a lot.

With love and sunny kisses,

Marco & Judith

Update! We’ve booked our flight to Bangkok even before this blogpost went live on the webz. Still very curious for your tips & tricks, so do let us know your experience! Love, Judith