November 18th was my birthday and so a few days ago, i was going to thank my Facebook friends and followers for their wonderful good wishes. It also turned into a much appreciated Thailand update and so i’m sharing it with you here:

Wowzers! To everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday, on Facebook or Skype or through Whatsapp or iMessage or in spirit or even not at all (probably only now that you’re reading this – it happens to me a lot): THANK YOU!

Update: we’re all settled in a lovely beach hut. Fresh fruits, a coconut and meditation in the morning, then we hop on our motor cycle to find a nice and cool WiFi spot to… yes, work. In some respects, nothing changed.

So from the most awesome office in the world: thanks for all the cheers. Not just for my birthday but all of them. We both deeply appreciate your likes and shoutouts. You support us, teach us and inspire us.*

We’re back to working fulltime, and our much improved lifestyle is empowering us both to lift some heavy-weight stones. It’s like clearing the shed and honestly we’re facing up to a lot of our own rubbish lying around here. In the process of dealing with that, we’re finding new ways to do business and live our lifestyle full of love and adventure.

This little paradise is amazingly beautiful and already a life changer in many respects. We’re doing great, especially in fully supporting and celebrating each other in whatever comes up. We’ll keep sending updates so you’ll know what’s going on.

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Again, thank you! You rock, really: we feel so blessed.

* Update: life goes on, things change and Judith and Marco are no longer together as a couple. We are still close friends.