If you are familiar with breathwork, you have probably heard of the conscious connected breath. You may know it by a different name, but the basic technique is this:

1. Relax your jaw, open wide and breathe through the mouth
2. Breathe into the belly and chest
3. Simply relax on the exhale
4. Consciously connect your breathing, so no pauses between inhale and exhale

(A gentler version can be practiced by breathing in and out through the nose.)

Practicing 10 minutes of conscious connected breathing at a time can already induce remarkable results. You may experience deep peace, heightened present moment awareness, more aliveness in (parts of) your body, as well as strong emotions and outbursts of laughter or crying. 10 minutes of conscious connected breathing is also a great way to start a meditation or creative session (keep paper and pen at hand!).

Breathing the conscious connected breath for a longer time will bring you even deeper, but be wise and start your journey into the breath with a breath session under guidance of a breath coach. Seriously, this is strong stuff.

Physical effects of conscious connected breathing
On a physical level, breathing the conscious connected breath will bring more oxygen to your cells, stimulate the vagus nerve connecting many body parts, spur on the reptilian brain and impact the autonomic nervous system.

You may notice all sorts of sensations, ranging from cold, heat, tingling and itching to ticks, trembling, pain or surges of energy and waves of ecstasy. These are all natural bodily impulses which we tend to suppress. Create a safe space and let these movements come. You will feel more alive than ever before.

Emotional effects of conscious connected breathing
On an emotional level, all sorts of feelings may arise. Bliss, laughter and joy or fear, anger, and grief. Allow them to arise, and deepen your breath to go into the experience or return to a normal breath to simply witness the unfolding of emotions stored in your body.

Don’t go into stories now; the body doesn’t speak this kind of language and it knows nothing of your life drama. It’s enough to just let your emotions bubble up, play out and leave as they like.

Spiritual effects of conscious connected breathing
You may feel a sense of oneness or wholeness. The sense of separation between your body and the ‘outside world’ may disappear partly or completely. You may experience a strong intuition and inner knowing. Thoughts may cease to exist or loose their importance. You may experience unconditional love and recognize the nature of all of existence, including yourself, as deep peace.

And this is all available to anyone, simply through breathing! Pretty cool, right?

On the other hand, experiences like the above may lead to confusion and disbalance when we don’t have the mental framework or life circumstances conducive to healthy integration. This is why again it is advisable to take it slowly and take your time to explore this terrain wisely, with healthy intent, integrating as you go and seeking guidance where needed.

Any questions, put them in the comments and I will be available to respond.