This is a sign of true freedom: if you know that you are home wherever you find yourself to be, even when there is nothing that’s ‘yours’ anymore.

A few years ago, i was couchsurfing in Bilbao. My host Gonzalo rented a furnished apartment, nothing inside was really his. All his belongings fit in his ‘professional’ traveller’s bicycle gear. Amazing. To my mind, he was free. He inspired me so much.

And now it’s my moment to flap my wings and fly: two weeks ago the phone call came in that i need to move house soon. Granted, i’m only moving 50 metres and will stay within the same building – but still it’s a big shift.

For here & now is the moment where i let go of all burdersome items (called clutter), to be left only with the bare essentials of my life. Which, to be honest, i think are only clothing, kitchen stuff and the candles, pillows etc that make my home… homy.

With the move coming up and shortly after that a three month stay in Thailand (i know, it’s sad..), decluttering is my priority for the coming two weeks. It’s a practice in letting go. And more letting go, and even more letting go… until there’s nothing to hold on to anymore.