The past year has been wonderful – literally full of wonders.

Until the summer, i struggled a lot with work, often feeling behind schedule and not living up to my own standards. Still, inside, i could feel this brimming of energy and creativity, ideas forming about how to live more open and fully. My beloved Marco said it just right: “It’s time to fly”.

During the summer holiday we were at SUN Festival with many lovely friends from all over the world and i worked my ass off in a falafel place and felt so fulfilled (dancing, frying balls, cutting onions tearing up and joking around). Marco and i hitchhiked from Budapest to Milan and from there… things just turned around. I started living the life i envisioned for myself and amazingly… everything started falling into place. I created a new website for my business (, sharing knowledge for free and empowering entrepreneurs even before selling my own services. And within a few weeks, new jobs came flowing in. I found partners to work with and in the meantime, started ‘planning’ my own first trip to India.

Sometimes, my mind still takes the upper hand and i worry and create tension. It’s a pattern i’ve lived in for years and it takes loving effort to turn it around. When i worry, hard things happen. When i relax and trust, magical things happen. At times it has seemed hard to find the ‘relax button’, but there’s one training i did which really helps me to deal with anything in my life: Persoonlijk Leiderschap by Amethist Developing People ( It’s in Dutch and until now i know of no English equivalent, unfortunately. If you speak Dutch, be sure to check it out.

This next year will (hopefully) be as much about freedom, travel, wisdom, surprise and loving relationships as the past few months. First there’s India, then my sister has a little baby coming (yaaaay! i’ll be an aunt!) and.. well, let’s see what comes next. I hope to share all these beautiful life adventures with Marco, my beloved rock & bouncing ball and with all of YOU. You truly enrich my life. Thank you for your support, encouragement, your likes and jokes and honest criticism every now and then.