Eating 2 pieces of fruit and 200 grams of veggies every day is easy!

1. Morning Smoothie

Blend 1 apple, 0.5 banana, 0.5 stem of celery, 5 mm slice of ginger, handful of green leafy vegetables and a piece of fennel or broccoli with orange juice. Mix until smooth… and there you go! It’s only morning and already you’ve had most of your daily vitamins!

TipFor a full-breakfast smoothie, add some muesli. Many health food stores sell gluten-free muesli as well.

2. Lunch Salad

I like to take a big handful of green leafs (spinach, rocket salad, watercress for example) and drizzle with olive oil. Add pepper and salt and it’s already a treat. Add nuts or sprouts, cottage cheese and avocado and this is a delicious full meal.

3. Supper Soup

Cut veggies, cook onions and garlic in a pan softly until just starting to brown and then add the vegetables. Add a bay leaf, maybe also tomato pulp or chunks and water. Simmer until the veggies are just soft and use the (hand) blender to make the soup smooth.

TipsFor chunky soup, take some chunks out before you blend the rest of the soup.
Do you like Asian food? Cook curry paste with the onions and garlic and add coconut milk.
For a deluxe, extra velvety soup, blend it all and pass the soup through a siff, pressing it through with the round side of a spoon.