The market streets here on Koh Pha Ngan are full of colorful fruits, leafs, seeds and roots. One of the first things we bought after settling on the island was a blender, because although restaurants offer a wide range of juices or shakes, i was quite inspired to make my own.

Juices, shakes & smoothies in Thailand
Order a fruit juice in Thailand and you’ll get blended fruit or fruit juice with added water/ice and sugar, unless your vendor explicitly says the juice is pure. Shakes and smoothies: the same. It’s just the usual way to drink fruits here.

Vegan/raw/health food on Koh Pha Ngan

There are plenty of health bars and yoga centers on the island that provide a full menu for vegans, raw foodies, health freaks and normal people who like to drink pure fruits with no additions.

I noticed that some of the guys at such places are easily as smooth as the drinks… Beware what you’re taking in, sisters. Just sayin’ ;D.

Back to the vegan food places: they’re a bit more expensive but honestly, the food is amazing.

However it is often possible to ask for no ice, no sugar and/or fresh coconut water instead of iced ‘normal’ water. This may cost you around 20 Baht extra (50 eurocents, roughly).

Home is where the blender is
Still, i dare say… the best smoothies (until now) are the ones i make at home, from fruits that i get at the open shops in Thong Sala. That’s probably because i just love to create my own food. Even if that only means tossing it in a blender ;).

Tropical smoothie
This morning we enjoyed a smoothie of mango and dragon fruit with coconut cream, mint and lime. Delicious, refreshing, full of life. Marco took a beautiful picture and i’ll share the recipe, so that you may share a bit in this tropical bliss.

Tropical? I know that for many of you it’s cold and rainy right now. But there’s a remedy! Try the combination of coconut and lime, close your eyes and you’ll be in sunny paradise for a little while, i promise. If there’s no mango where you are, try using bottled mango juice from a good brand or use local seasonal fruits like kiwifruit or pear:

Recipe: Fruit smoothie with coconut, mint & lime

  • Local ripe fruits, preferably a bit starchy such as: mango, kiwifruit, papaya, banana, pear or
  • Juice of 1 or 2 limes
  • 1-2 handfuls of mint (stalks too except for the woody ends)
  • gulp of coconut cream (i love the white & blue Kara brand; it’s thick and full of flavor)

Just blend everything up nicely, add some ice if you wish, garnish with mint and enjoy.

And lastly… stay tuned because i’m planning on recreating the PERFECT holiday smoothie. If it’s cold where you are, this will get you all warm and cozy.