I will share about our ‘positive birth’ in detail at a later time, but here is a golden tip for any pregnant couple wanting to prepare for a smooth birth: buy the Positive Birth Company digital pack. It has about 40 videos and contains everything you need to have, do and know for a safe and happy birth.

Prepare carefully, then let go and commit to breathing during the birth. Let your birth partner take care of the rest (he or she will know exactly what to do and not do after watching the course). If anything comes up and decisions need to be made, use your B.R.A.I.N. (one of my big takeaways from the course and it’s not just handy for births, it’s a life lesson).

It was the only course we took and it was all we needed. Lua’s birth was a beautifully deep, strong and joyful process. And when things took an adventurous turn, we knew exactly how to respond, doing what was needed in the moment while staying fully present and relaxed. I remember no pain, only power, beauty and full surrender.

Take this course. It is high quality and at 39 GBP, unexpectedly cheap.