The joy when you were five and got a new bicycle.
The shock when you broke your arm when you were eight.
The thrill of your first kiss on your fifteenth birthday party.
The pride of your promotion at the age of 26.
The intense heartbreak at 30 and the excitement when you fell in love again, a year later.

And so on.

There was one who witnessed it all, still and unmoved.
Who witnessed how you cried, and simply were there.
Who didn’t have a scratch when you were shattered.

Look back. Remember? It was you yourself.

Who you are is not everything you go through. Not what you feel about it. And certainly not what you think about it.
Who you are, deep down, is pure consciousness.
That is what we all are fundamentally, and it is one.

Indivisible and timeless. Your indestructible core.

So You are not vulnerable. If you know yourself for what you really are, then you cannot be hurt.
Not even if you die.

Can you experience grief? Yes. Can you also get sick, suffer a great loss, make a fool out of yourself, get robbed, have an accident or break your other arm too? Hell yes.

But if you know that You can handle that, then you can feel with every fiber in your body, fight with all your strength and if you don’t want or need to, embrace the new reality with all your love. Then you are free.

That is not being vulnerable, that is choosing to live fully.

That’s not to say your balance can’t be fragile at times. That the bucket cannot overflow. That you cannot burst out in anger and that you do not sometimes stay in bed from despair. But that’s all what you do, not who you are, and it’s caused by what you believe about yourself.

Who you are, deep down, is strong, complete and joyful. It can handle anything. That is true about you.

Do you feel vulnerable? Gently observe your feelings and thoughts and be aware that someone is watching, still and unmoved, in love.

Your true I.

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