Awesome Travel Budget Tracker: Trail Wallet


When I travel, I like to keep track of my budget. It gives me insight and peace of mind, plus I can share some helpful insights later on with fellow travelers who are asking for

Exploring new grounds: Costa Rica (I)


Digital nomading in Costa Rica

I landed in Costa Rica a few days ago, where I’ll be servicing my clients and creating new ways to make online income, as well as travel, see the country and

Emden, Northern Germany (Summer in a VW campervan I)


Moin! I’m in Emden, Ost-Friesland, Northern Germany and here, ‘Moin!’ is the way to say hi.


Life has been wild and deep and the blog has been silent for the last couple of months. A new love has

Limiting money beliefs


A big motivator for being in Thailand, is money. I have some serious debts to deal with and living in and working from Thailand (waaaaay cheaper than Holland) is helping me clean my old mess and maintain a healthy balance, also financially.

Digital nomads & work life balance


We’re in Thailand, carrying backpacks and traveling low-budget. Apparently, the Thai use a special term for our kind: stinky foreigners. Ha!

Truth is, we have showered every day or even twice since we came here (because

Location Independent Offices


Every time i work somewhere new, i try to make a nice picture. Here’s an impression of the many views from my ‘offices’. Will be updated regularly with new vistas.

Location independent offices

We booked our dream!


YAAAY we just booked our next adventure!! THAILAND here we come <3.

Sun and sand

From November 2014 till January 2015, Marco’s photography business and Juuth’s website business will be brought to you from sunny verandas and

Winter in the tropics – your advice please!


My love and i are planning to stay the winter overseas, where Christmas is sunny and where New Year’s Eve is celebrated in bikini, with sandy toes.

I feel so deeply happy and grateful to be

A wonderful year


The past year has been wonderful – literally full of wonders.

Until the summer, i struggled a lot with work, often feeling behind schedule and not living up to my own standards. Still, inside, i could