My friend Fleur Feij (on Instagram here with beautiful photos) is a beekeeper who helps raise awareness for the devastating mass bee killing that is happening around the globe and the ways to save them.

I love her down to earth and heartful approach – in anything, not just bees. She has a huge heart and the power, love and determination to make real changes. If you can find a way to support her work, please do :).

Actually after writing that, I decided to ask her what’s the one thing we could all do right after reading this post and here’s what she said:

Tell children how important bees are. Because kids have the future and we need them, most of all, to be aware of this matter.”

Just to remind you, a simplified explanation: bees are important because they pollinate our crops. They fly from flower to flower, drinking nectar and in the process fertilizing the plants. Only a fertilized plant grows fruits, nuts and seeds, and those plant parts are often what we eat. If you talk to kids, you can point at the foods they love, like strawberries, and tell them it is thanks to the wonderful bees that they are here!

One extra fun way would be bring the kid out for a walk and ‘guerilla garden’ bee flower seeds in your village or town.

And while you’re at it, go to SumOfUs or Avaaz and sign and share their campaigns. Grow flowers, too. Be like a bee, spread some goodness ;).

Let us know in the comments how your conversation went and any other suggestions you may have to help save the bees!

PS: Bees make propolis, which is wildly healthy stuff! Check out my recipe for propolis chocolate hearts here: Chocolate hearts with propolis, cardamom and rose.


Image credit: Fleur Feij.