Sometimes, my kitchen efforts extend into the bathroom. Like with this heavenly chocolate, which turns out to be a great facial mask if you leave out the salt!

And have you ever wondered what to do with used coffee grounds? Here’s a great one: use them for an authentic homemade facial and body scrub.

The internet says the coffee has remarkable skin firming, anti-cellulite properties, and if the internet says it, it’s true. I did a tiny bit of research and now choose to believe it, too. As I wisely spend zero time checking my wrinkles and bumps in the mirror anymore, I honestly couldn’t tell you if it really works & I suggest you find out for yourself ;).

One thing I know is this scrub does scrub and it smells great, too, especially if you like spicy coffee scents with a hint of chocolate. The base of this scrub is coconut and almond oil. Simply add freshly used coffee grounds, fine sugar, cinnamon and raw cacao powder and hop in the shower.

The scrub will leave your skin richly nourished in coconut and almond oil. Ideal for scruffy winter times, just like the scent. Another great option is to use your favorite shower gel in stead of the oils and mix that with the coffee, sugar & spice, which would make it more of a cleansing scrub and less of a nourishing one.

It can serve as a nice little present as well. One friend already wrote to let me know she loved it :).

DIY recipe for Firming Coffee Scrub with Coconut, Cinnamon and Cacao

Makes a little over 1 cup. Ready in 3 minutes.

1/6 cup of coconut oil
1/6 cup of almond oil
1/3 cup of coffee grounds
1/3 cup of fine sugar
1 tablespoon of raw cacao
1 tablespoon of cinnamon

If you are in a cold climate like me right now, start by melting the coconut oil and then add in the almond oil to warm slightly. Don’t overheat, just melt.

Meantime, mix up the coffee, sugar, cacao and cinnamon. Then, simply stir in the oils and combine thoroughly. Smell it, even taste it, and maybe play with the ingredients to adjust to your desired scent and consistency.

That’s it, you’re good to go!