Isn’t it amazing how the body seems to instinctively know what it needs?

This salad has lots of avocado, and also raw onion and wasabi peanuts. That’s not something I usually eat, but as it turns out wasabi and onion help open up the sinuses! And that’s something I could really use yesterday.

Wasabi’s strong effect on the nose, together with the raw onion and black pepper, will help you smell and breathe again and the spicy kick will definitely boost your energy levels :). Also, I’ve read that wasabi helps fight infections in the mouth, throat and nasal cavities.

Recipe for Spicy Salad with Wasabi, Onion and Black Pepper

It’s so simple: just toss together two handfuls of chards (or any other green leafy vegetable), 1 or 2 avocados (in chunks), 1 small raw onion and a good handful of wasabi peanuts (get them in the Asian store). I also added tomato chunks and cranberries because that’s what I had in store. It would also be great to add cucumber, sesame and soy beans or green peas.

Create a salad dressing out of olive oil, a few drops of sesame oil, salty soy sauce, a spoonful of sake and a teaspoon of honey. Or just sprinkle with olive oil and freshly ground black pepper if you like to keep it very simple – yet tasteful.