The Dutch word for yummie is lekker. Remember that one, you’ll hear and use it very, very often should you ever spend some time in The Netherlands!

With us, yumminess may apply not only to food, but also to a pleasant experience, touch, music, activity, the weather, space, atmosphere and practically anything else. Basically, we can call anything that is pleasant, good, or nice lekker.

This  very lekkere salad is made with organic vegetarian Dutch blue cheese, which I found at the local supermarket. I just recently found out that at least in this local AH store, they sell quite a few vegetarian cheeses. Hurray for them: lekker bezig!

Vegetarian cheeses are made using non-animal-derived rennet. Conventional rennet is derived from the lining of the inside of the stomach of mammals, and most commonly from the fourth stomach of young calves (source). Lekker dan..

[insert sarcasm sign here]

If you don’t like blue cheese, just leave it out or substitute for another kind of cheese.

Recipe for Pear, Cranberry & Pecan Salad with Blue Cheese

It’s very easy as well: mix together a handful of white cabbage (sliced) and a handful of dried cranberries. Toss in a bowl together with soms baby chard leafs, a handful of roasted (possibly salted) pecan nuts, and a handful of pear slices (1 pear). Add a few pieces of blue cheese and drizzle with olive oil.

And now… lekker eten!