A perfect example of a vegan dish which has everything you need in a healthy diet. Vegetables, legumes, nuts: fibers, vitamins, healthy carbs and fats. Different textures ensure a rich meal experience!

3-5 small sweet potatoes
1 cup red lentils
1 zucchini
1 sweet long pepper
2 handfuls of cherry tomatoes
Italian herbs
1 tbs tomato paste
1 handful cashews
Salt & pepper
Olive oil

Pierce all cherry tomatoes with a knife and put in the oven at 150 C. 

(For a deeper, more complex and stronger taste, cut and fry onions and garlic until golden brown before adding the sweet potato and lentils. We are cutting back on onions though and this still tasted delicious without them!)

Trim the rough ends off the sweet potatoes, leave the rest of the peel on. Cut in small pieces, add washed red lentils, dried herbs such as Italian herb mix or bruschetta verde, tomato paste and salt. Boil in water until the lentils and sweet potatoes are soft and the water has been mostly absorbed (add water when too dry, boil longer if too wet). Press to a nice purée using a fork, big spoon or purée utensil. Taste and add herbs or salt.

Half the zucchini’s and sweet peppers lengthwise. Using a teaspoon, scrape the softer flesh from the inside of the zucchini. Cut the scrapings in pieces and add to the sweet potato mixture. 

Now stuff the zucchini and peppers with the sweet potatoe mixture. Lay next to the tomatoes on the baking tray, turn the oven up to 180 C and bake for about 25-30 minutes. 

Chop or break a handful of cashew nuts and add to the vegetables during the last 5 minutes of baking time.

Serve with the cherry tomatoes, vegan green pesto, black pepper and olive oil.